We dish out feast for your eyes as well as for your appetite where the river view can enrich the natural ambiance and food flavor, simultaneously. The food we present is a true representation of our rich culture and Indian cuisine.

At Pandori, we are proudly serving Indian food to Australian & Indian community for more than 10 years. Having expert cooks, we serve fresh, quality and natural food with the flavors of an old style family run the kitchen. We are a convenient destination for functions and can be hired for special occasions, large & small. Our excellent services will make sure that you leave satisfied.

We are fully licensed in serving dinner & takeaway. The dinner with a river view in Taree serves up with the variety of Indian cuisines and invokes up your innovative delights.

Our Indian food has a way of satisfying and catering to a wide range of food preferences. The most important thing is that we treat each customer with traditional quality & respect. If you haven’t tried our food, come in and order the best food. If you are our regular customer – THANK YOU – we love to serve you again soon.

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